Spotlight surveys

Spotlighting is a key monitoring tool to assess your rabbit population and should be used before and after control methods are applied. Identify feeding and warren locations that can be tackled during the day and plan a route of where the monitoring will take place.

One person drives a vehicle while another operates the spotlight and counts the animals. Rabbits are counted at night with the aid of a handheld spotlight, from a slow-moving vehicle over a fixed route. Two counts on two consecutive evenings are needed to obtain reliable estimates of population changes. Record the number of animals sighted within a fixed distance (100-200 metres) either side of the road at 0.5-kilometre intervals.

Complete counts over two consecutive nights. Counts must be at regular intervals over the same track, pre- and post-treatment.
Daylight visits to establish warren locations and feeding areas.

Spotlight surveys can identify rabbit presence and monitor effectiveness of control programs over time and is considered a reliable technique of monitoring rabbits. However, not all rabbit activity will be observed.


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Cultural Heritage Awareness

Landholders must be careful to avoid further damage to the environment (including waterways) and Aboriginal cultural heritage sites when using machinery. Be aware of your legal obligations and obtain the necessary permits. Aboriginal Cultural Heritage may be found during works at any time, at any place. If suspected heritage is discovered, work is to cease and a Preliminary Report Form must be completed and sent to If you are unsure, seek advice from Agriculture VictoriaDepartment of Environment, Land, Water and PlanningFirst Peoples – State Relations (formerly Aboriginal Victoria) or your local council.

More Rabbit Control Methods

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