What are the impacts of Rabbits in Australia?

12 January 2022

What are the impacts of Rabbits in Australia?

A new report, ‘Fighting plagues and predators: Australia’s path to a pest and weed-free future’, launched by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO and Centre for Invasive Species Solutions (CISS) last year, estimates the cost of damage caused by invasive species in Australia — predominantly weeds, feral cats, rabbits and fire ants, is at $390 billion over the past six decades and around $25 billion a year and growing.

Pest, plants and animals (now referred to as invasive species), undermine agriculture, leading to increased food and fibre prices. Over eight in 10 nationally-listed threatened species are endangered by invasive species.

More than 70 percent of Australia’s native animals are found nowhere else on earth, so any impact is a significant loss to Australia and the world.

Let’s not forget our mental health. Feral rabbits cause a huge sense of frustration to communities – they impact places of importance, our assets and our infrastructure.

If these statistics get you motivated, now is the ideal time to start planning your community rabbit management program.

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