Chef to Environmental Warrior

18 February 2022

Former chef, Aris Sertarides, undertook a course in land management a few years ago, and discovered that his real passion was local flora and fauna.

He subsequently joined the Bellarine Landcare Group and attended our VRAN Bootcamp in Wangaratta in 2021, where he encountered rabbits and the harm they cause to our landscape.

Aris was so inspired to make a difference, he is now working with the Bellarine rural community, using the VRAN principles, and venturing out into the commercial world as a contractor, providing advice and control services.

In particular, Aris is specialising in the control of rabbits in sensitive environments, like peri-urban areas.

To read more about his inspirational story, please read this article written by Bruce Munday and the Rabbit Free Australia Team.

Special thanks to Aris Sertarides and Sophie Small (Bellarine Landcare & VRAN Members), Peter Day (Rabbit Free Australia (RFA)) and Bruce Munday, author of ‘Those Wild Rabbits – How they Shaped Australia’ (which was sponsored by RFA) for helping tell this fantastic community story.

Are you interested in changing what we see in our landscape? Check out our VRAN resources page to see how you can make difference in our community.


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