Best Practice Rabbit Management, Step 1 – Baiting

15 April 2021
Rabbit baiting is the first step in an integrated rabbit management program and is a useful knock- down technique to reduce the rabbit population prior to implementing warren ripping.

Once you have a thorough understanding of the rabbit density, where the warrens and feeding zones are on your property – you can apply either 1080 or Pindone baits within 25m of the burrows to ensure the entire rabbit population is exposed to the baits.


Here are the key points to consider when implementing a baiting program:

  • Always apply bait according to manufacturer’s instructions and with the appropriate chemical use permits.
  • Bait (cut carrots/oats) is most commonly laid into a trail, firstly as free feed and later as poisoned bait. The freshly turned earth also attracts rabbits to the trail.
  • Using free-feeds (unpoisoned baits) before baiting will help you calculate the amount of poison feed required and may help increase uptake of poisoned baits.
  • Check free-feed, or poison bait each day to assess the amount of bait taken. If all bait is eaten increase the baiting rate. If excess bait remains, reduce the baiting rate (Only 1 poison feed is used in 1080 baiting programs).
  • It is essential to use good quality bait material.
  • Feeding at dusk ensures baits don’t dry out in the sun and reduces potential harm non-target animals.
  • Make sure rabbits can feed undisturbed on your free-feed bait or poison bait (do not shoot or hunt during baiting).
  • Keep livestock, dogs and other animals away from baits and poisoned carcasses to reduce the chance of non-target poisoning.
  • On each day of the control program, the baited area and surrounding areas must be thoroughly searched for dead rabbits.
  • Carcasses must be collected and properly disposed of to lessen the risk to non-target species as per the product label.
  • Uneaten poison bait should also removed and disposed of as per the product label.
  • Pre-mixed Pindone or 1080 perishable carrot baits can be ordered from some pest control contractors and farm suppliers.
  • Bait laying equipment for a poisoning program can be obtained or hired from most Landcare groups, some equipment hire firms and some pest control contractors.


VRAN has worked with mentors, Tim Bloomfield and Brad Spear, to create this video on effective baiting for rabbit management to help you deliver a successful integrated rabbit management program on your property.

For more information about best practice rabbit management please visit our website or

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