VRAN Mentor Service

8 July 2021

A big part of our successful strategy at VRAN is the use of mentors.

We believe in investing in our community, so that they can deliver the best rabbit programs possible.

Our mentors are recognised as experts in rabbit management, community engagement and community led action.  These passionate change agents provide invaluable expertise and insights from their extensive experience in working on rabbit programs across community, industry and government settings.

They come from a range of backgrounds and are based across various location across the state and generously share their skills and knowledge with others working in rabbit management.

The VRAN mentors:

  • share their knowledge and build capacity in community groups and workplaces delivering rabbit programs
  • facilitate the VRAN Leadership in Rabbit Management course (Rabbit Bootcamp) to build expertise across the state
  • build capacity within the VRAN Learning Networks and support their journey post Rabbit Bootcamp
  • build confidence with those working in the pest management field
Neil Devanny Member, Gooram Valley Landcare Group Committee and Granite Creeks Project Inc.
Brad Spear Pest and Weed Management Consultant, Enviro Vic 2000
Tim Bloomfield Pest Animal Consultant, Environment First Pty Ltd
John Matthews (Retired) Biosecurity Manager, Established Invasive Animals, Agriculture Victoria
Tom Miller Natural Resource Management Officer, Moorabool Shire Council
Peter Barnes Manager, Neds Corner Station, Trust for Nature
Geoff McFarlane Member, Bellarine Landcare Group, Member GCoG Rural and Peri Urban Advisory Committee


Watch this video to see our mentors in action as they talk about their important role.


If you would like to know more about how the mentors could assist your rabbit program contact us.

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