New Board for the Victorian Rabbit Action Network

15 December 2021

The Victorian Rabbit Action Network (VRAN) held its Annual General Meeting on 29 November 2021.

Mr Gerald Leach was reappointed as Chair while new members, Lisa Adams and Simon McGuinness will join existing members Neil Devanny, Geoff McFarlane, and Lyn Coulston on the Board.

The Associate Board members for 2021/22 are Chelsea Vercoe (Agriculture Victoria), Tina Konstantinidis (Parks Victoria) and Mel Corry (Department of Land, Water and Environment).

Gerald Leach, said he is looking forward to working with the other board members and having the opportunity to implement the VRAN Rabbit Strategy in 2022.

He also thanked outgoing VRAN Secretary, Kaye Rodden, for the significant contribution she has made to VRAN and Agriculture Victoria projects since VRAN’s inception in 2014 and its progression to an incorporation association.

The VRAN 2020/21 Annual Report can be downloaded on the VRAN website.


Download the Annual Report here

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