A Christmas Message from the Chair

21 December 2021

Wishing you all a safe and happy 2022.

2021 has continued to be a  year of great challenge for everyone with the ongoing pandemic. Despite this, our communities in Victoria have demonstrated great resilience and continue the hard, yet rewarding work of community led action.

Countless hours of volunteer time has been put into all the VRAN programs and the countless rabbit management programs across Victoria.
Your tireless efforts have made our landscape significantly better and the VRAN achievements possible.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on some of the VRAN achievements for the year. These include;

  • Two community grants programs, providing mentor support and over $70,000 to community capacity building programs
  • Extending our reach with the VRAN website, Facebook page and Virtual Extension Officer website
  • The design and production of valuable extension resources such as factsheets, guides and videos
  • Contribution to journal and conference papers, Landcare articles
  • Supporting the VRAN Learning Network members  through eight online meetings
  • Providing countless advice and expertise to community, industry and government members working on rabbit management programs
  • Contribution to Agriculture Victoria White Paper Program through membership of the Delivery Leadership Group and the Weeds & Rabbits Projects.

VRAN also held the annual ‘Leadership in Rabbit Management’ course, known as the VRAN Rabbit Bootcamp, in Wangaratta this year. Thanks to the VRAN Mentors, VRAN was able to build the knowledge of ten participants in sustainable and effective rabbit management through seminars and in-field demonstrations.

The ideal recipe for a future successful program delivery by VRAN is most likely to come from a public/private partnership. VRAN is certainly making every effort to make that happen.

I hope you can join us again in 2022, it is shaping up to be a big year with the us hosting the 5th Leadership course and the continued implementation of the Victorian Rabbit Strategy.


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