Leaps and Bounds Learning Network

8 October 2020

In 2015, following the first VRAN Rabbit Leadership Program, the trainees and mentors formed an ongoing learning network. Participants in ‘Leaps and Bounds’, as the network is known, meet several times a year around Victoria to share their experiences in rabbit management.

Independent evaluations of VRAN and Leaps and Bounds show that the initiative has built confidence in best-practice rabbit control, improved relationships across different parts of the rabbit management system, and changed mindsets about how institutions and community groups can work together.

These stories of the Leaps and Bounds participants highlight some of these impacts.

VRAN will host a second Rabbit Leadership Program in 2018, with participants invited to join a new, ongoing learning network at the program’s conclusion. To be notified when applications open, please follow our blog from the Home page.

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