Biodiversity Month

7 October 2020

With National Threatened Species Day celebrated on 7 September and Biodiversity Month celebrated during September, it’s time for everyone to start thinking about what you’d like to protect, conserve or improve in your backyard or community.

Currently 70% of Australia’s sensitive landscape is inhabited by rabbits and they have been listed as the greatest threat to native species in Australia. Their large presence in numbers combined with a palate for Australian native plants reduces the ability for native vegetation to regenerate.

Imagine what our landscapes could look like without rabbits.

The images below are an example of how our landscapes can be transformed if rabbits are managed. Proof that you can have success if your plan your rabbit program using best practice methods and collaborate with your neighbours.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning your community rabbit program today.

For tips on best practice rabbit control check out our resource page.

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